Weekly Photo Recap: Washed

Posted on April 23, 2019 by Lindsay

Slowly working through this backlog of recaps šŸ™‚

THE WEEK OF MARCH 18th, 2019


Just in case anyone was wondering what I get excited about at the grocery store:

After work, Jason and I were still in full house-reno mode as we prepared for our friend Tony’s visit. The guest bedroom floor was starting to come together!


The weather was slowly starting to brighten up and I was taking full advantage of long walks with my girl. I always think to myself that her shadow looks like a werewolf.


The Old Familiars of my Photo Recaps: Newly thrifted vintage barware & pics of Ellie sleeping.


One nice day of weather, the next was rain.

Then something pretty exciting happened – we cooked a meal in our kitchen šŸ˜² It already feels so much more like home. We made some drinks to celebrate.


Friday evening, I got started painting all of the interior doors. I guess you’ll have to wait for an After Photo.

We also finished laying the rest of the floor boards upstairs!! It looked so much brighter already.


We kicked off the weekend at Second Chance to pick up the rest of our interior doors. This lovely six panel door was painted some weird hues but it only cost us $10! Certainly worth the work.

I also fell for this insane vintage sofa – why do I not-so-secretly want to collect sofas?

The rest of the day we spent white washing the upstairs floor! Here we are with only the hallway left to go!

Lastly, a super late Korean BBQ dinner.


By the morning, the white wash had set and we started on our topcoats.

Meanwhile, I started working on the new doors.

By the end of the evening, we were able to test fit and install one of our first upstairs doors!!

Another arduous weekend, this time capped off with a tasty home cooked meal.

What was the highlight of your week?

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