Weekly Photo Recap: Houseguest

Posted on May 3, 2019 by Lindsay

The beginning of the end of the house renovation! Plus a long-distance Special Guest arrival!



An extremely busy week started off with a few random thrift finds including another landscape, a gorgeous globe and a cute little clock.


Only a few days before our houseguest arrived and we finally managed to get the bed in!

After finally deciding on some of our options, Jason worked on getting the hinges and handles on the doors.

I took this stressed selfie at dinner to remind myself that some days are more daunting than others.


Ellie thinks our new kitchen runner is her personal mat and I will do nothing to correct her.

The guest room was getting a few finishing touches with some vintage finds.

The last minute painting and fixing was feeling very overwhelming. We tried to eat our feelings over at Blue Pit BBQ.

Constantly flowing cocktails helps.


Ellie and I were going to miss the solitude of my old office!

She really just wants me to work outside.


I christened my new work office with a celebratory plate of birthday cake.

Later on, back at the house, it was T-minus one day until we had someone coming over to visit. We knew we weren’t going to be able to finish everything but a few projects were important to wrap up (or at least get in place.) Luckily, we got the bathroom door up – with a handle too!

And save for a few finishing touches, we pretty much wrapped up the guest room!

The bed was so cute and cozy! I think I’ll like lounging around in here when no one is staying over.


Our guest Tony wasn’t arriving until the evening so we spent the day split between the laundry mat (thanks broken washing machine!) and cleaning up the house. It feels weird having the downstairs space so open!

The guest room looks so bright and lovely in the daytime!

I’m excited to flesh this space out and add more personality to it 🙂

Finally, after a long flight, Tony had arrived! We had time after the airport for a quick group dinner at Jong Kak before heading home to catch up on sleep.


We slept in a little and decided to make up for it with a double breakfast. First on our radar was one of my personal favorites – Diablo Donuts.

We grabbed an assortment of goodies to eat later (spoiler alert – they are fucking incredible) and snapped a few pics, of course.

For breakfast, we headed to Spoons Cafe & Coffee Roasters. I’m still thinking about their tasty fried chicken and hot sauce.

We decided to take Tony around to some of the cooler tourist destinations downtown and the weather could not have been nicer. Baltimore city was looking mighty pretty from atop Federal Hill.

Tony + his tour guides for the day!

I cannot stress how lovely the weather was.

Tony became a fast fan of Baltimore’s beloved Mr. Trashwheel.

Apparently, my photos for the day stopped here but we ended up walking all around the harbor and having great food. More exploring coming soon!

What was the highlight of your week?

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