Weekly Photo Recap: Spectrum

Posted on May 10, 2019 by Lindsay

And the weeks keep coming and coming…

THE WEEK OF APRIL 15th, 2019


Still sick. Ordered a giant bowl of pho at work and felt ridiculous but did not regret it.


Ellie giving me a big #mood over here.

The week as a whole was uneventful. Mainly, I spent the days attempting to recuperate and enjoying long walks with the dog.


In the moment, I always surmise that Ellie is enjoying these selfie photos. Then I look at the image.

Spring blooms and landscaping make me smile 🙂


These chairs are fun. I did not buy them though.

I did however, find a coffee table. It’s nothing terribly special and it certainly needs to be refinished.

But I like the curved leg details and Jason approved so it was a win, win.


It rained most of the morning and drizzled throughout our evening walk. I made Ellie stand too close to this oil slick because it looked cool.

And I finally treated myself to a new pair of Allbirds! Now I just need to keep them away from any renovation projects.


Stacks on stacks for Saturday Mornings.

We decided to make a faux-credenza for our coffee bar station which meant another trip to IKEA. I think this $1 soft serve is maybe the greatest thing someone can purchase for $1.

We still can’t decide between a TV or a projector. Or which wall we are going to put the screen on. Or anything remotely resembling a living room layout.


We chose to take a slow pace all weekend and on Sunday we decided to take our dog walk over to Golden West for breakfast. It felt so nice to take a step back, and enjoy the day at a leisurely pace.

Jason scored a delicious donut courtesy of Little Fig.

Ellie was very happy to chomp on her treat we picked up at Howl Pet Store.

She also subtly lets me know that I am not welcome to take over her chair.

The rest of the day we discussed some of our finishing renovation projects and cleaned up around the house. The kitchen is looking so snazzy, I can’t wait to finish the island space soon!

What was the highlight of your week?

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