Weekly Photo Recap: Vows

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Lindsay

This is a big week!

THE WEEK OF APRIL 22nd, 2019


Started off the week in one of my new favorite vintage dresses.

Jason and I picked up a new piece for our dining room – this neat Art Deco buffet that we are going to use as a bar!


More selfies and vintage dresses on Tuesday.

Ellie has been looking very regal and distinguished recently.

These lovely vintage banners were waiting for me in the mail after work. Should I start a new collection?


More outfit photos. This look is called “Legally Blonde background extra”.

We decided we were going to switch out our awesome bar cart for a coffee station. I’m sad to see it go but looking forward to having a dedicated coffee area in the house.


Thursday was a big day – Jess & Rob’s wedding was right on the horizon and Jay was coming into BALTIMORE! We went out for dinner and drinks once he arrived and apparently I was too excited to take photos.

It was surreal having Jay in our hometown!


Between the late night and the jet lag, we ended up at a late breakfast at Golden West. Here we are trying to not be upstaged by a moose.

We had to kill some time before J+R’s rehearsal dinner (and escape the rain!) so we popped into Mustang Alley’s for a quick game of duckpin bowling!

The rehearsal dinner went great! Everything was falling into place and everyone was ready for the main event.


First things first, we grabbed some delicious breakfast at Paper Moon.

Before you knew it – it was time! Jason, Jay and I arrived early at the venue (there was no way I was going to be late!!)

Anyways – the wedding was spectacular! Everything turned out perfect and while I didn’t take nearly enough photos, I did have a great time watching my two best friends have the time of their lives 😀

I think everyone was sufficiently ecstatic by the night’s end.


We only had one more full day with Jay in Baltimore so we spent the day hanging out together around the city. First stop was another late breakfast at Hamilton Tavern.

And since we were in the neighborhood, a quick stop off at Zeke’s.

We walked around Fell’s Point, soaking in some sun and wandering in and out of shops and bars.

We ended our walking tour in Federal Hill, just before sunset.

A wonderful day ended with a group watch of Game of Thrones and Marc’s outstanding jambalaya. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the day.

What was the highlight of your week?

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