Weekly Photo Recap: Gloom

Posted on May 16, 2019 by Lindsay

Not all weeks can be sunshine and rainbows.

THE WEEK OF APRIL 29th, 2019


We only had a few hours left with Jay so we decided we would take a walk with Bean to a cute breakfast spot.

It had been a while since I had been to Artifact Coffee but it was just as inviting and delicious as I remembered.

After breakfast, we walked around the city and met back up with Jess + Rob before seeing Jay off at the train station. It’s always super sad to see a friend leave and this time was no exception. Even Ellie wasn’t ready to see her new buddy go.


Sometimes I have a particularly bad week. This was one of those weeks.


I guess I’ll get some Duck Donuts to cheer myself up?

It didn’t work.


Honestly, I wasn’t kidding – this was a rough, melancholy week. Deal with it.


Just a girl + her bone.

After work, Jason and I tried to drink away our sorrows and indulge at Dylan’s Oyster Cellar.


I am thankful to have another wonderful coffee spot nearby for morning dog walks/coffee runs. Thanks Sophomore Coffee 🙂

When we got back home, Ellie was steady watching the progress I was making on my cardamon bun.

Eventually, the TreatWatch became too labor intensive and she just fell asleep.

We spent the Saturday lounging around the house. We did some cleaning and came up with a nice plan for how we want to tackle the laundry room but that was about it.

I started reading through this really neat book I picked up at the thrift store – The Baltimore Trail Book. It catalogs and describes a huge list of hiking trails around the city and it made me super pumped to start exploring new-to-me areas.

Jason and I are also enjoying using the new record player. I love using it while we are cooking or just cleaning around the house.

The living room is almost finished! I’m looking forward to restoring the coffee table and getting the shoe bench back over to where it belongs.

I also realized I never snapped any pics of the stair runner. It is STILL not finished (I have to finish a few edges and install the stair rods) but you get the idea.


Jason and I finally made it over to the Farmer’s Market! We shared some of our breakfast favorites and picked up some food to actually COOK AT HOME. So that was exciting.

But not as exciting as this recent purchase!

What was the highlight of your week?

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