Weekly Photo Recap: Wild

Posted on May 31, 2019 by Lindsay

A little Memorial Day weekend camping was just what I needed.

THE WEEK OF MAY 20th, 2019


This week was hot, hot, hot! We put off turning the AC on, so everyday after work I collapsed in the guest room to share the window airflow with Bean.

Jason and I ate dinner at The Food Market where we had an hour long discussion about the terrible Game of Thrones finale. I think the bartenders were deeply disturbed by our enthusiasm.


In the humid Summer weather, you gotta catch the breeze when you can!

We didn’t forget about Taco Tuesday – How many margaritas is too many?


Me, every weekday:

I finally busted out this under-the-desk exercise bike I have at work and quickly discovered how out of shape I am.

Jay sent Ellie is adorable donut toy in the mail! I can not even begin to describe how happy she was when she learned that the Amazon package was for her ❤


I’m pretty happy about my decision to incorporate vintage nightgowns into my wardrobe. They make for the perfect summer lounging outfits.


After work, we packed up the car and headed out for a weekend camping trip with friends! We stayed on someone’s private land in Virginia thanks to Hipcamp. The property was peaceful before it filled up with people!


After a solid night’s sleep, Ellie was ready to get out of the tent and start the day.

❤ Campfire coffee ❤

We spent the day checking out some small hikes in Prince William Forest Park.

Side note: we spotted so many cool bugs on this trip!

When we got back to camp we were ready for dinner but the weather had other plans. We spent approximately 20 minutes crammed into Jason’s Subaru (Ellie and I in the trunk) having a drink while we escaped the rainstorm.

Eventually, the weather cleared long enough to make some hotdogs and s’mores before we all took shelter in our tents for the rainstorm Round 2.


We decided to make Sunday our last day at the campsite because another big storm was headed for the area during the day and later in the evening. But we were determined to enjoy the sun while we had the chance.

We hiked in the sunshine at Great Falls Park – a scenic spot with wonderful views of the Patowmack Canal and Mather Gorge.

The cutest creatures 🙂

We finished our trip back with a stop at the very dog-friendly Hysteria Brewing + dinner grubbage at Mission BBQ!

What was the highlight of your week?

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