Weekly Photo Recap: Loud

Posted on June 6, 2019 by Lindsay

A week of warm weather and good tunes.

THE WEEK OF MAY 27th, 2019


Since we decided to come home from our camping trip a day early, we spent the day a home, working through some of our leftovers.

For dinner, everyone met back up at our house for campfire steaks and a bonfire.


After work, Jason and I met up with my sister and nephew at the movies and essentially ate ice cream for dinner.


My favorite new sweatshirt came in the mail and I started thrifting Levis, apparently.


Ellie was having a happy day at the office.

I still need help figuring out mirror outfit selfies.


Happy Friday!

After work, we were headed to a friend’s show and I threw on one of my favorite tees.

Our friend’s band The Knives of Kwantsu was fantastic!

Speaking of fantastic, we stopped by our friend Matt’s house after the show and admired his insane back patio garden!

Everyone ended the night at one of the best dive bars in Baltimore.


We started the day with a brief trip to the Waverly Farmer’s Market.

This joyous morning was then followed by another visit to Home Depot – trying to decide on a tile for the laundry room.

Later on, we had the pleasure of seeing another friend’s band (Here Goes Nothing) play at Ram’s Head Live!

We capped off the night of perfect weather at one of the best outdoor dining spots in the city.


It was Full Circle Donuts and Thread Coffee for breakfast Sunday morning.

We started working on a few miscellaneous tasks around the house and tried to settle on some laundry room paint colors.

I was feeling a little out of it after dinner and was keen to just stay curled up with these two the rest of the night.

I wound up trying out my favorite de-stress ritual: a long shower and face mask.

What was the highlight of your week?

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