Weekly Photo Recap: Bewitch

Posted on June 14, 2019 by Lindsay

These summer weeks are already flying by! Here’s how I welcomed the first days of June:

THE WEEK OF JUNE 3rd, 2019


Still addicted to Tropical Smoothie Cafe – someone send help.

Decided I want to start taking “Outfit of the Day” photos. Maybe it will force me to wear cool shit in my closet.

We tried a different Burger Night at Rocket to Venus where Jason and I had the Impossible Burger for the first time. Verdict? It tastes like a burger but not like the best burger, you know?


Did that usual Tuesday Night Thing and ate $1 tacos at Holy Frijoles, drank margaritas and admired my favorite handsome gentleman.


Like some kind of absolute madlad, I ordered two coffees for myself from Ground & Griddled. DAY OFF TO A GOOD START.

I spent the evening after work trying to relax. Classical music and vintage barware, how fancy.

Speaking of fancy, check out this sweatshirt. A great thrift find that says nothing about my academic achievements and everything about my obscure obsession with the 2010 film The Social Network.

Ellie is always right around the corner, ready to ground me back into reality.


A few photos from around the house: Added this wonderful candle from Knits Soy & Metal to the bathroom – one of my favorite bridesmaids gifts from Jess’ wedding!

Jason started setting up my desk! It’s been so long since I have had a space like this. I can’t wait to finish putting this area together.

Annnnnd – we finally decided on a rug for the living room!

We went with a thick shag rug for some extra padding to help out with our soon-to-own floor pillows.


NATIONAL DONUT DAY! I was ready for it.

Unfortunately, Duck Donuts was NOT. They “misplaced” my Grubhub pickup order and I waited an hour before getting the chance to walk out with anything! Terrible customer service but at least they tasted great!

Later on, I joined friends at the first R.House pride event – a double screening of To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar & Hedwig and the Angry Inch.


Ran into Koba Cafe for breakfast and I highly recommend it! Super cute, no frills spot with tasty food & a comfortable vibe.


In the evening, I got to hang out with my favorite coven gals. We started off at Wicked Sisters for delicious food & cocktails.

Topics of conversation included: Andy Samberg, Sustainable Farming, Andy Samberg with glasses and Andy Samberg with a beard.

In search of Lemon Drop Gin Shots, our next pit stop was at Golden West.

Topics of conversation included: The Blunder Years and What is Sangrita?

We ended at The Bluebird – where I always have some sort of weird encounter but the drinks still make up for it.

SO dang cute.

Everyone looking like a damn oil painting.

I still feel like a straight up weirdo next to all these gorgeous girls, though. A special shout out to the waiter that took this for being an absolute pro when using my Google Night Sight πŸ‘

May you all find your own special group of sexy, magical ladies.


Sunday was another full day so we couldn’t sleep in too long!

Jason and I had breakfast at Ground & Griddled where we clearly ordered too much coffee. (Is that a thing?)

We were headed out to the Baltimore Vintage Expo! This year, it was being housed at the Union Collective so there was plenty of space for a variety of vendors.

It also meant I had the chance to grab a drink from Vent Coffee.

I picked up a few nice finds. This colorful dress immediately caught my eye.

And I love the fit of this skort/romper!

Also, this retro cocktail catalog was a little bit TOO up my alley to pass up. I’m sensing a fondue night in the future!

Jason was headed to New York for a fun week at his office headquarters so Ellie and I were ready to stretch out and relax.

I made myself a delightful cocktail, put on some Netflix and enjoyed the remaining hours of the weekend.

What was the highlight of your week?

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