Weekly Photo Recap: Vanity

Posted on June 20, 2019 by Lindsay

I started taking “outfit of the day” photos so get ready for too many pictures of Yours Truly.

THE WEEK OF JUNE 10th, 2019


Jason was away on a work trip during the week so I spent more quality time with my favorite pup.

She also started wearing her new Summer/Pride collar and she’s never looked better!

We went on extra long walks all day. The Sisson Street Park in our neighborhood has been looking mighty fine!


SO I finally decided to start taking Outfit of the Day photos to help me break out of my office wear rut. I have thrifted so many fun pieces in the last year that don’t get as much time out of the closet as they should! I was kind of surprised that this combo of my suede lounge pants and silky vintage blouse worked out as well as it did!

Meanwhile, Ellie was the straight up cutest all week at work.

It’s finally that time of year when the sun stays out extra long and you feel like you can accomplish anything. After a super long evening walk, I made myself my signature cocktail for the week and lounged around with my girl.

I was unsurprisingly too lazy to make dinner so I ordered takeout from Tiger Style. I continue to hear mixed reactions about the food here but was pleasantly surprised at how fresh my meal tasted. Fingers crossed that they don’t disappoint in the future.


Honestly, I love wearing dresses in the summer. There is nothing easier and more comfortable than a casual dress.

After work, I met up with Rob, Jess & Julie to celebrate Pride Day at Oriole Park at Camden Yards! I celebrated by eating some tasty ballpark food.

And wouldn’t you know it – right next to us in the next section was Julia! How cute is that?!


It was a little rainy Thursday morning. Ellie watched me get ready while listening to the drizzle on the skylight.

She hates that I interrupt our walks to try to make her pose for selfies.

Attempted to bring some color to the office with this rad shirt.

I spent the evening cleaning and binging Netflix. Bean helped out.

Also – I need a name for this Sanpellegrino cocktail. The can is called Momenti – which already sounds like a cocktail if you as me.


I was working from home and decided to take my Casual Friday look to the next level.

Easily the best sweatshirt purchase I have ever made.

On lunch, we headed to the park and soaked in the incredible weather.

Eventually, Jason arrived back home and the fun was over. Just kidding – we decided to get dessert before dinner at BMore Licks.

I finally made it to Lobo and was not disappointed! I don’t know why but I was so excited to get this shrimp cocktail.


We had decided that we had to finish the top coat on the roof but it ended up taking us nearly all day to finish. It was a bit of bummer but at least it’s wrapped up now. Afterwards we headed out for a late dinner at iBar.

Then we satisfied our sweet tooth at Insomnia Cookies before heading back home.

I’ll see you in the morning, Paper Moon.


We had some errands to run so I decided to wear my new vintage jumper!

As promised, we went back to the diner for some morning fuel. It was a good excuse to take it slow and map out the rest of the day.

We hit up some of the usual suspects including Lowes and IKEA. I bought some plants, we looked at tile (why?) and made it back home with approximately zero time to accomplish anything else.

What was the highlight of your week?

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