Weekly Photo Recap: Cheery

Posted on July 2, 2019 by Lindsay

Upon putting together this recap, I noticed how eerily similar my photo choices were to the week prior. I’m currently making a mental note to take photos of something other than my outfits and beverages I’ve consumed.

THE WEEK OF JUNE 24th, 2019


I kicked off the week of hot weather in one of my favorite wrap dresses. It fits perfectly into my summer style which I am referring to as “your hot Aunt.”

Bean was feeling the heat this week and favored shade covered playtime over long walks in the sun.


Not too much to report here other than this wonderful dress I picked up from Milk & Ice Vintage.


Over 90 Degrees means I’m busting out my most sweat-friendly shift dresses.

So far so good with my bouldering at Earth Treks! I’ve been maintaining a regular schedule and trying to take it slow so I don’t get hurt or burn myself out.

Jason bribes me with Wild Kombucha.


Putting together the most preppy ensemble I could find in my closet.

We needed to run to Home Depot after work but for once, I was actually kind of excited! Why? Because we should only have to go a few more times before we are completely finished with the renovation!!! Well, besides the behemoth task that is the basement but who cares about that 🙂


Casual office wear. Please send all of your unwanted Hawaiian shirts to me at P.O. Box 123 My Address.

Jason and I were busy working in the kitchen and laundry room but we treated ourselves to some refreshing Tom Collins’ and then a sushi dinner at Yama.


I’m in love with this practical plaid summer dress.

We had a long day filled with cleaning and miscellaneous renovation tasks so we fueled up with all of the best Little Fig sweet treats.

We ended the night with friends around the bonfire and a new gin to try out!


Ready to run some errands and tackle the To-Do list!

I feel like I have taken this exact photo before at Paper Moon.

We had a successful run at Second Chance where we picked up a laundry room cabinet, casement window and even a piece of art!

Too bad we can’t fit the Bel Loc diner sign in the house.

Time for a slurpee break.

In the evening, I picked up a new bike! Well, an old bike that is new-to-me. I can’t wait to get back to Bike Party soon!

Over the course of the weekend, we made a lot of progress on our home to-do list. The laundry room is starting to come together, our kitchen island is almost finished and the other random To-Do list items are dwindling. I’m finally starting to feel like the renovation is wrapping up! It is so fun seeing some of the finishing touches come together – like this photo ledge above the bed.

What was the highlight of your week?

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