Weekly Photo Recap: Dull

Posted on July 29, 2019 by Lindsay

Could this be the lamest weekly recap to date? Continue reading to find out!

THE WEEK OF JULY 8th, 2019


I was only two episodes into Stranger Things before I started channeling Eleven’s outfits.

Just hangin’ with my girl.

Whenever we go to Corner Stable for rib night I secretly hope we get the weird 2 person booth in the back that has the little TV. Dreams do come true.

Also – always, without fail, Jeopardy is on when we arrive.


I am starting to think that this blog is just a way for me to tell the world that you can generally find me at Holy Frijoles on Tuesday nights.


This dress (with pockets!) is seriously the perfect work dress. Shoutout to Stoked Vintage for the goods.

And here are some shots of Ellie being weird at work.


So I may not be taking many photos lately but I have been staying busy! I have been keeping up with going to Earth Treks for a few weeks now! I feel like I’m getting a little bit stronger already but more importantly, I am proud of myself for staying consistent with exercise.

It’s also fun to blow all of that hard work on food at Clavel.


Summer Casual Friday outfits are just me wishing I was at the beach.

After working on the house for a bit, Jason and I joined up with Jess, Rob and Matt at Fadensonnen for some outdoor drinks and lots of laughs.


Thank you to Charmingtons for this delightful morning salvation.

We spent the day focusing on the laundry room.

Cleaning the brick…

Organizing the space…

Hanging the cabinets & testing out lighting options…that sort of thing.

We went out for dinner with some of Jason’s old friends and I finally had a good excuse to wear this adorable 70s maxi dress I thrifted earlier in the month.

We enjoyed a tasty meal at Honey Pig and clinked with the sweetest drinks around.


I’m not sure what happened to my camera on Sunday but here’s the only photo I took of this super cute vintage nightgown.

What was the highlight of your week?

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