Weekly Photo Recap: Luminosity

Posted on August 8, 2019 by Lindsay

A fun-filled week full of color and light.

THE WEEK OF JULY 15th, 2019


Finally wore this cute skirt I picked up from Nighthawks Vintage!

Ate dinner at R.House and enjoyed cocktails from the new R.Bar
summer menu.


I am forever jealous of Bean’s comfortable morning snooze spots.

I bought these rad clogs because I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’m in love.

The Laundry Room is finally taking shape! HELLO NEW WASHER & DRYER!

Just need to put up this shelf and organize the hampers.

Then finish out the electrical and put the handles back on the cabinet!

But first, Taco Tuesday!


I was feeling a little under the weather so Bean kept me company at home most of the day.

I visited the thrift store and contemplated purchasing this cheeseboard for about 5 minutes before I had another existential crisis in the kitchen isle.


I really liked this outfit when I first put it on and then realized I kind of looked like a sisterwife.


Out to celebrate Caitlin & Allison’s birthdays!!

I was super excited to wear this amazing dress I picked up from The Welsh Bohemian!

The birthday girls were lookin’ real cute and giving us all the Cancer season moods.

The Coven (missing Julie!)

I drank too many drinks and thought I was a photographer. Good thing Julia is such a good model.


I feel like I rarely sleep in as long as I want need to.

Jason and I kept breakfast local with sweet treats from Little Fig paired with avocado toast and copious coffee from Ground & Griddled.

We once again found ourselves at Artscape on the hottest damn day of the year.

First some Thai food and refreshments in the shade.

Then we had to bust out the big thirst quenchers to make it through the rest of the festival.

Before we made it home, we stopped briefly at the Made in Baltimore shop and Graffiti Alley.


I was beyond stoked to see my favorite podcast live – How Did This Get Made! If only Jason Mantzoukas and I could have met and became best friends.

Another great weekend in the books and it was time to cuddle.

What was the highlight of your week?

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