Weekly Photo Recap: Cans

Posted on September 23, 2019 by Lindsay

Time flies when you are constantly putting too much on your plate and always playing catch-up!



I am really starting to enjoy the routine couch snuggles in the living room. Ellie has always been a fan of anything plush.

Jason and I went out for dinner and decided to get down on a late night Dangerously Delicious snack.


I can’t handle how cute Bean’s new toy is.

Jason and I worked really hard all week to get the house ready for our upcoming Housewarming party. I finally hung up the bedside light in the Guest room and now it feels like the dreamiest little space.


I stopped over my parents house for a doggie play date – please enjoy these cute dog photos.


A loooong day ended with late night climbing.


Jason and I hit up literally all of the usual spots including IKEA, Home Depot AND Lowes – Friday nights are wild. I was pretty excited to see all of the Halloween decor creeping in though!

Despite the boring errands, we ended on a high note by meeting up with Jess & Rob at Hamilton Tavern.


An early Saturday surprised us with ANOTHER Home Depot trip!

And a more exciting trip to Second Chance where I pretended I needed a new couch.

We worked hard all day – Ellie helped Jason out in the backyard:

While I worked inside and attempted to enjoy beer. This Duclaw beer was good!

And this Manor Hill beer was fine!


I worked mainly on the front of the house on Sunday – planting mums, cleaning and repainting.

I also tried more Duclaw beer.

Overall, it was another successful but exhausting week in the books.

What was the highlight of your week?

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