Weekly Photo Recap: Housewarming

Posted on September 30, 2019 by Lindsay

I can almost breathe now.



It was officially the week of our housewarming and just for perspective on our stress levels, we still had piles of wood scattered around the house.


We worked all week making last minute changes and updates. I was happy to have the gallery wall project wrapped up.


Our bedroom got a small facelift with a new ceiling fan and we decided to switch out the curtains as well.


Stupid snapshots from running errands.


The house was looking cleaner but there was still plenty to take care of. Thanks to my little moon Bean for keeping me sane.


It was finally the day of our housewarming and not only did my stress level reach max capacity but I also barely remembered to photograph anything. I managed to get important photo evidence of our piles of donuts from Full Circle & Little Fig.

And of course, drunk pics with my favorite ladies.

Overall, the night was a success! I couldn’t believe we had made it through. Seeing all of our hard work pay off felt surreal but also kind of amazing.


I couldn’t believe that we had finally made it. We checked off just about every box on our to-do list and we were left with a clean, beautiful home. And you know what I did on Sunday? Absolutely nothing.

We spent the morning lounging around downstairs, drinking coffee and eating leftover donuts.

Later on, I watched a movie IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY and just soaked in some sunny window vibes.

What was the highlight of your week?

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