Weekly Photo Recap: Potable

Posted on October 23, 2019 by Lindsay

Follow me along on my journey of documenting everything I drink.



Excited to find a place for this delicious pin Jess picked up for me at the Small Press Expo.

Also – RIP these loafers! I need to stop thrifting shoes because the last 4 pairs have fallen apart!


Switching up the normal Taco Tuesday post with a GIF!


We have some cute Fall items around the house including this honey from Fischer’s Apiary that we picked up from Dave & Deb’s wedding.

The weather was great but both Bean and I were feeling a little sleepy.

I’d nap on this pillow any day.


PSA: It’s officially time to get your plaids out from hiding.
Pictured here: my everyday look.

After a particularly satisfying climbing session, Jason and I decided a beer before dinner was in order.


It’s a beautiful thing when your BFFs ping you for a seafood dinner & you already had your sights set on Pappa’s.

I tried this cocktail that was super sweet but looked pretty great.


Jason, Ellie and I lounged around the house in the morning. It still feels a little crazy when we have actual free time.

For lunch, we tried the tasty food at Cōl Bōl – a pop up at the former Parts & Labor now Tire Shop Pop-Up Series space.

We met up with friends for Nick’s 30th birthday party! We all had a really nice time and I commemorated that by only taking one photo.

Later on, we decided to enjoy the weather and hang out for a bit around the fire pit. Such a fun and relaxing day!


Nothing much to report but I did take a few “After” shots of the renovation. Naturally, I am not happy with how they turned out (I need to take more time matching up the angles to the before photos, use better lighting, etc.) but here are a few :

I plan to put together more in depth reno posts on the blog but if you want to see some Before and After shots, feel free to check them out on my Instagram story highlights.

We ended the weekend playing around with the Paranormal Activity VR game – Julie was a natural!!

What was the highlight of your week?

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