Weekly Photo Recap: Quarantine

Posted on June 10, 2020 by Lindsay

I’m still doing this!

THE WEEK OF March 16th, 2020


So this is where quarantining felt serious & real. I think I’ve been procrastinating so hard on these recaps because this brings up a lot of weird feelings.

Concerned about our coffee rations, we picked up a 5lb bag of La Colombe beans courtesy of Golden West.


Just some reflective, sunny living room vibes.


Me back in sweater weather.

Using that fancy tonic water to kick off that quarantine drinking habit.


Bean likes interrupting my time at my desk whenever she can to steal my seat & my heart.


Soothing candle and numbing gin vibes.


Attempted a very socially distanced hike at Gunpowder.


Started taking more product photos. I would love to see this 80s VCR Clue game in action!

Jason put a beer delivery order in at Union Brewing. I think we are covered.

What was the highlight of your week?

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