Meet the Team

ALSO COFFEE is written by partners Lindsay & Jason. The Baltimore based duo met in 2007 and quickly became inseparable. Along with their adorable rescue pooch Ellie, they hope to travel the world together one city/forest/donut at a time. Get to know a little more about the team:


Hi, I’m LINDSAY and I have been blogging for over six years on my film & pop culture blog French Toast Sunday. Blogging has been a great way for me to connect with people over the years and has really spurred my desire for travel. I thought that branching out with blogging on ALSO COFFEE would be a great way for Jason and I to connect with other like-minded people and share our experiences with our friends and family. Normal things I like include watching movies, writing, drinking coffee, eating donuts, and organizing trips. Weird shit I’m into includes true crime, old Italian horror films and learning about witchcraft.


Hey, I’m JASON, a software engineer by trade and all around curious guy. Occasionally I blog about coding but I’m looking forward to stepping outside my comfort zone with ALSO COFFEE. Normal things I like include biking, climbing, trying out new skills and learning how things work. Nerdy shit I’m into includes reading textbooks, creating things with my raspberry pi and buying endless gadgets.

ELLIE is our five year old rescue dog. She’s a black lab mix but only weighs about 35lbs. She loves playing with people and other dogs and is generally down for whatever the day brings. Normal things Ellie likes to do include swimming, hiking and running on bike rides. Ellie also enjoys road trips, peanut butter and trying to lick people in the face.