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Posted on July 16, 2018 by Lindsay

A city known for it’s French cultural roots, unparalleled party scene and perseverance, New Orleans is a uniquely charming city that will surely have you under its spell from the moment you visit. Take a look at my ultimate guide to experiencing some of the most enchanting aspects of the city.

To See:
Beautiful Live Oak at The New Orleans City Park

( ) The New Orleans City Park
This massive public park (over 1,300-acres!!) sits north in the city and features some of the most gorgeous green spaces around. Check out their website here for monthly events and more tourism info.

( ) Couturie Forest
Stretching over 60 acres of City Park, the forest is the perfect place to go birding, take a stroll and soak in nature.

( ) New Orleans Botanical Garden
Also located within City Park, the gardens are open year-round and feature over 12 acres of beautiful foliage.

( ) Garden District
Do yourself a favor and carve out some time to lazily explore the phenomenal homes in the Garden District neighborhood. (Don’t miss this one – the house featured in American Horror Story Coven!)

( ) St. Louis Cathedral
Wonderful NOLA landmark towering next to Jackson Square.

( ) Jackson Square
Check out talented street artists, historic buildings and bustling city life.

( ) Audubon Park
Gorgeous and historic urban park featuring a zoo and the stunning “Tree of Life.”

( ) Lafayette Cemetery
Hauntingly beautiful cemetery that has been actively used since 1833 with close to 1,000 tombs. Side note: NOLA has plenty of stunning cemeteries to peruse – check out this guide if you are interested.

( ) Crescent Park
Wonderful walking park along the water with fantastic views of the city skyline.

( ) The Westin New Orleans Canal Place
If you happen to be in the area, skulk into the lobby of the hotel (located on the 11th floor) and check out the unique city view.

To Do:
Wedding Celebration Parade in the French Quarter

( ) Bourbon Street
If you know anything about NOLA, chances are it’s Bourbon Street. It’s a spectacle for sure and your level of enjoyment will directly correlate to your Drunken Party Tolerance Level.

( ) Magazine Street
You definitely don’t want to miss this hip area that covers plenty of shopping, food and other fun spots.

( ) Museum of Death
There’s nothing wrong with checking out some macabre history, especially in this spooky city.

( ) Century Girl Vintage
If you like looking at exquisite vintage clothing, make your way into this shop and let your eyes wander.

( ) The Stacks, art & design bookstore
Small but cool bookstore (attached to a coffee shop) that houses a slew of fun stationary and books.

( ) New Orleans Pharmacy Museum
Take a peek if your intrigued by antique apothecary, medicines, or superstitious cures.

( ) Junk’s Above
I’m a big fan of checking out local thrift and antique shops in hope of finding a unique travel souvenir.

( ) Palace Market Frenchmen
Definitely make some time to check out this awesome outdoor market on Frenchmen Street.

Live Music:
Jazmarae Band performing at the Balcony Music Club

( ) Frenchmen Street
Just heading over to Frenchmen Street is a safe bet if you’re in the mood for great food, toe-tapping music and want to cement your complete love of the city.

( ) One Eyed Jacks
This place has everything from concerts to burlesque shows, surrounded by some seriously swanky digs.

( ) The Spotted Cat Music Club
This was my wonderful introduction into the New Orleans live music scene. Absolutely perfect and a must-visit bar.

( ) Maple Leaf Bar
Great place to head to if you want to dance the night away to some NOLA jazz.

( ) Balcony Music Club
My favorite live music venue we visited – great performers, no cover and a spot-on atmosphere.

( ) Preservation Hall
A city staple that aims to honor traditional New Orleans Jazz Music.

Waffle Time at Biscuits & Buns on Banks

( ) Biscuits & Buns on Banks
My favorite breakfast spot from my trip. You will want to order everything on the menu. Make sure you try a biscuit topped with andouille/chorizo sausage gravy.

( ) Apolline
Perfect place to stop for local, upscale brunch options.

( ) The Ruby Slipper Café
Fun, family-owned franchise that serves up all your favorite breakfast options. Don’t sleep on their decadent french toast menu.

( ) Surrey’s Café & Juice Bar
I loved this casual and cozy spot – great food, vibes and tasty juice options.

( ) Merchant
Looking for something lighter or quick? Pop in here for a coffee and crepe.

( ) Satsuma Cafe
I ate a delightful sandwich here for lunch but was jealous of the breakfast options I missed out on.

Sweet Treats:
“One of each” at District Donuts Sliders Brew

( ) Buttermilk Drop Bakery
I deeply regret not getting a chance to stop by this bakery because everything looks absolutely delicious.

( ) Drip Affogato Bar
Delightful looking, Instagram worthy coffee + sweet treats.

( ) District Donuts Sliders Brew
Look, you already know I’m going to give you that must-try donut shop. The donuts at District Donuts are beautiful, flavorful and very easy to indulge in.

( ) Cafe Du Monde
Incredibly famous “must eat” spot in NOLA. Grab some beignets with a café au lait and soak in the city life.

( ) Morning Call
The second most famous spot for beignets in the city. You can get them hot and spend the day walking around the beautiful City Park.

( ) Sucré
Pick out a handcrafted French macaron (or 10) and your fav gelato flavors, then combine them for the best walking-around treat ever.

( ) Creole Creamery
Their slogan is “Eat ice cream. Be happy.” What more do you need?

Iced Coffee bliss at French Truck Coffee.

( ) Hivolt
I very much enjoyed my stop here for early morning coffee and tasty vegan treats.

( ) Sólo Espresso
Offering up no-frills espresso in the 9th Ward.

( ) Cherry Espresso Bar
Coffee so nice, I visited twice. Highly recommend their hot lattes.

( ) Mammoth Espresso
Devilishly hip spot to grab yourself a perfect cup of latte art.

( ) Arrow Cafe
A laid back cafe perfect for a grab & go bite + brew.

( ) Spitfire Coffee
Bare bones establishment that offers a nice Cup of Joe if you find yourself needing caffeine in the French Quarter.

( ) French Truck Coffee
The must-visit local chain with some of the best coffee you’ll have on your trip.

( ) DeVille Coffee House & Creperie
You know what is destined to make any cup of coffee better? A crepe! Come for one, eat ten.

( ) Rouler
Bring your bike! The perfect place to find a new bike accessory while grabbing some caffeine fuel.

( ) St. Coffee on St. Claude
Get your fix by praying to St. Coffee at this cool, boho shop.

( ) Mojo Coffee
Stumbled into this roomy coffee shop and rolled out with one of the best iced coffees I’ve ever had.

Loaded up on crawfish from Three Legged Dog

( ) Mother’s
Famous creole restaurant – expect lines and delicious food.

( ) Dat Dog
Big ass hot dogs loaded with toppings. The best late night indulgence.

( ) Willie Mae’s Scotch House
Fried chicken and soul food, yes, yes, yes!

( ) Three Legged Dog
I highly suggest checking out times and dates to set up a crawfish boil and there’s no better place than the generous get-together at this dive bar.

( ) Central Grocery and Deli
Definite tourist spot that is totally worth the short wait to grab their famous muffuletta sandwich.

( ) La Petite Grocery
You can’t go wrong with this made-from-scratch local fare.

( ) Cochon Butcher
Best place in town to get your meat-fix.

( ) Domilise’s Po-Boy & Bar
One of the town’s many spots to grab a signature Po Boy.

( ) Parkway Bakery & Tavern
Another great spot for Po Boys!

( ) Jacques-Imo’s
Fun, funky eatery specializing in all of that Creole soul food goodness.

( ) Ba Chi Canteen
Celebrate New Orleans’ popular Vietnamese cuisine at this noodle house.

( ) St. Roch Market
Huge food hall with plenty of food & drink options.

( ) Commander’s Palace
Where you’re going to go for a fancy ass brunch.

( ) Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits
Chill spot for a relaxing evening with delicious grub.

( ) Bayou Beer Garden New Orleans
Crawfish, seafood and a whole lot of tasty options.

( ) Lilette
Real cute spot for fancy French food.

( ) Port of Call
Place to go for mondo burger cravings.

Cool, sexy vibes at the Hot Tin bar.

( ) Swizzle Stick Bar
Fun but fancy cocktail bar with the best name ever.

( ) Hot Tin
Maybe my favorite stop of the trip. Gorgeous cocktail bar with the absolute best city views.

( ) Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge
Famous bar in the Hotel Monteleone that revolves just like a carousel!

( ) Cure
Hip-looking bar with creative cocktails.

( ) Old Absinthe House
Great selection of staple NOLA drinks.

( ) Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29
Swinging little tiki bar with sweet food and drinks.

( ) Pat O’Brien’s
Tourist spot yes, but also the birthplace of the Hurricane so don’t feel bad about stopping by to watch the dueling pianos and get a giant drink.

( ) Pal’s Lounge
Neighborhood haunt located in Bayou St. John with a great atmosphere & rotating pop-up food options.

( ) The Avenue Pub
Casual pub with a large selection of craft beers. Open 24/7

( ) Bar Tonique
Complex cocktails and cozy vibes at this nice bar spot.

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