Weekly Photo Recap: Settle

Posted on July 17, 2017 by Lindsay

Back on track with another weekly photo recap full of colorful finds and tasty meals.



I was up at the butt crack of dawn on Monday to catch a very early flight home from Portland. I grabbed one last coffee from Stumptown to stay awake and was a little bummed that I wasn’t able to explore more of the airport (which honestly seemed great!)

I spent the rest of the day lounging around the house and watching TV. Oh and I was pretty stoke to be hanging out with my favorite pal once again.


It’s always nice to brew up recently acquired coffee.

Jason still had one more day in Portland so clearly I had to send him a bunch of cute dog updates.


Jason came back home and life went back to usual. Dinner, cuddles and later some frantic household chores.


We ate dinner with Jason’s mom in the evening at Liv2Eat in Federal Hill. You can’t go wrong with a Roseda beef burger.


Friday night, we hung out with some friends and worked on finishing up planning for our Fall trip to Europe. First was a sushi dinner from Shiso Tavern.

Then Jason started “prepping” for Oktoberfest.


We didn’t have a very eventful weekend. We slept in too late on Saturday and eventually had an early dinner at Maggie’s Farm with Jess & Rob.

The rest of the night we spent working on various to-do lists, taking long walks with the dog and dealing with housing considerations. Real wild stuff.


I finally made it a point to wake up early enough to head to the Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar. I joined up with Jess and Rob to peruse all of the food and interesting goods throughout the market.

I definitely recommend making it out if you can + I’ll have a separate post up later this week with more photos!

(Donuts from Sundays Bakehouse)

It’s hard to resist these lovely, inexpensive floral bouquets.

After the market, I stopped by the thrift store and picked up a new pair of shorts and a unique little vase.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning and blogging before catching up on all the weekend shows.

What was the highlight of your week?

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