Coffee Break: Quills Coffee in Louisville, KY

Posted on March 8, 2017 by Lindsay

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Say hello to Quills Coffee
in Louisville, KY!

When researching coffee shops to visit in Louisville, Quills name consistently popped up in everything I read. When we were in the area, we knew we had to make a quick stop off.

We had already eaten breakfast so we started off with a simple cold brew and regular coffee.

The space was open and airy and the coffee was great. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity by not trying out something else. We shared a homemade pop tart and I tried a specialty drink on the menu called cafe miele. The barista described it as “a Latte with a blend of honey and cinnamon.” It was one of the best tasting lattes I’ve ever had – for real.

Quills is more than a nice coffee shop in a cool city, it’s a destination. They don’t bother with flashy gimmicks and instead focus all of their attention on flavor details. I would make it a point to revisit the shop again and hope to check out one of their other locations in the future.


Various Locations (click here for more info)

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