Weekly Photo Recap: Improvement

Posted on October 17, 2019 by Lindsay

Spooky season is upon us!



Started thrifting for Halloween! I have lots of ideas and will probably buy too many decorations but HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN!

Spotted this not spooky but totally mood-heavy Barry Manilow vinyl.

Onto spookier things – kicked off the Halloween decor with a nice selection of candle holders.

I also couldn’t pass up these VC Andrews paperbacks.


Jason and I made dinner at home! We used a Binging with Babish recipe to roast the chicken we picked up at the Farmer’s Market.

Jason thought it was too salty but I enjoyed it just fine.

After dinner, Jason finished putting together his new VR setup! A new obsession was born…


Nothing much to report besides shots of me chilling with my favorite gal pal.


I finally cracked open my Pick Me Up book from my favorite scribbler Adam J. Kurtz & it got me smiling right away.


Picked up a super cute mug from Ground & Griddled along with a bag of beans from Cat & Cloud Coffee.

Jason and I capped off a great night of climbing with a delightful milkshake from The Charmery.


Celebrated our friends lovely outdoor wedding with some of the cutest guys and gals around.


Jess and Rob had a sleepover so we hung around the area for a bit. First grabbing breakfast with Allison at R. House before heading back to play a little more VR!

Later on, we took Jess and Rob climbing for the first time (they killed it!) and celebrated with drinks at Union Brewing & dinner at Iron Age.

What was the highlight of your week?

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